Battery Testing


Battery backup and generator systems are used everywhere from hospitals and IT data centres to small UPS systems for backing up office PCs. Batteries need regular maintenance and checking to ensure that they are working correctly, that they still provide their rated outputs and that they are not deteriorating. Battery testing is crucial to ensure an electrical system provides sufficient standby power for emergency lighting, UPS systems and continuous process plants.

Elecko test for several common problems within a battery, such as;

Cell voltage Impedance
Sediment Build Up due to excessive cycling typical in UPS Systems Float currents
Ripple currents Load Testing
Battery and Ambient Environment Temperature Periodic Testing and Data Analysis


In conclusion, battery testing will maximise the lifetime of a DC backup system or UPS system. Elecko are conscious that our client’s receive the maximum Return on Investment. By monitoring and carrying out periodic testing, Elecko can identify and replace faulty batteries. This will increase a systems back up time should it be required and save against callout charges should an unexpected failure occur.